Intergrated security systems

A number of individual Security Systems can be linked together to provide what is often known as anIntegrated Security Scheme. For example, the activation of an Intruder Detector could be used to trigger a number of Events in the other security systems in the protected premises. For instance, turn on internal or external lights, which in turn would initiate a CCTV camera to focus on the area of the alarm, which would then activate the transmission of text message or email to key members of staff.

HUB Security Systems can offer a range of Integrated Security Solutions to suit many different types of applications.

A key feature of an Integrated Security Solution is that the whole scheme is controlled from a single management point. This is normally via a PC Graphical Interface, which would consist of a map of the protected premises showing the location of all the security devices. The Map is dynamic in that it will indicate when a device is in Alarm. Although the system is configured to be Event Driven, whereby the system will automatically activate a pre configured sequence of events, the Operator can also manually control the scheme via the Graphical Interface when necessary. In this situation the Operator can be prompted with the recommended course of action in any particular alarm condition.

The main benefit of an Integrated Security Solution is that the whole security system can be managed from a single control station. This provides a very efficient and effective control system for Operators, particular in critical or emergency situations. The Operator control facility can be duplicated on a number of PC’s if required. This is particularly beneficial for Off Site Critical Recovery configurations.

In early schemes the integration of the individual security systems was achieved by hardwiring Alarm Outputs from one system into Alarm Inputs on another to create the various Events required between the different control systems. However, developments in recent years means the integration is far more sophisticated now and can be achieved via software interfaces between the different schemes. The latest systems now also utilise the facility to automatically send emails or texts to key members of staff. This often extends beyond just security applications and will also include the monitoring of critical plant operations.

HUB Security Systems can offer a number of different solutions, from custom designed schemes from specialist providers or from single manufacturers of all the key component security systems (Intruder, CCTV and Access Control) used in an integrated scheme. These are from major manufacturers such as Siemens and Honeywell of which HUB have particular knowledge.