Fire Detection

Fire detection systems and fire alarm systems are installed primarily to protect life and property from fire at an early stage. Our fire alarm systems can be commissioned to communicate with emergency services via an Alarm Receiving Centre for off-site monitoring.

Our Fire Detection Systems:
HUB Fire & Security offers a range of services including design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance and monitoring of fire detection systems and fire alarm systems in full compliance with the requirements of BS5839-1:2013, which provides total peace of mind and compliance for all of your fire protection needs.

HUB offer a range of systems from small conventional systems to large complex configurations. HUB Fire & Security is an approved Gent by Honeywell SI (system Integrator) this is an endorsement by Gent that we can offer our clients the most competitive system prices and our engineers we have all the necessary installation, commissioning and service support skills:

  • Fire Detection and Alarm
  • Aspirating Systems (Air Sampling Systems)
  • Public Address / Voice Evacuation (PAVA)
  • 24/7 Fire Alarm Monitoring
  • Warden Call / Nurse Call
  • Emergency Voice Communications & Disabled Refuge Call Systems
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • Disabled Refuge/Fire Telephone Systems
  • Wireless / Radio Technology

Hub Fire Detection and Alarms Approved by Gent 24